Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh, Crap!

It was starting out as such a great day! Weston was so excited to finally get rid of his glasses. We drove up to Lasik Plus in SLC, they gave him a couple Valium, to help him relax (boy was I glad, you'll find out why in a second). It was such an amazing thing to watch, they started out just slicing the top off of his eye, and then zapped away! The doctor came out and told us that everything had gone just like it was supposed to, whew! So she gave us some instructions, one being no driving for 24 hours, and sent us on our way.

We were just about to Spanish Fork when I remembered that I had to get off and go pick up the girls from Heidi's house. I was hurrying to get over into the right hand lane so that I could make the exit. I had noticed that there was a Highway Patrolman that had someone pulled over just ahead of us. The entire right hand lane was slowing down to a crawl (I assumed to go politely around the Highway Patrolman). But, NO, some idiot a few cars in front of me, decided to be, oh so polite, and STOP, ON THE FREEWAY!! To allow the cop to get back on the road. So... this is where the "Oh, Crap", comes in. Yup, you guessed it. I totaled my car. Luckily, no one was hurt. I was actually going quite slow, my airbags didn't even go off. Here's where the joy of Valium comes in. I actually had to wake Weston up to tell him that I had wrecked the car. And he was just giggling about the whole thing.

I think it was probably a blessing in disguise, we actually got more from the insurance money, than we could have if we had sold it.

So, now we have an old Corolla, it runs, and it doesn't look like someone has lived in it for it's entire life. So I guess it's OK. (For now) The kids definitely like it, they were very fascinated by the "Ancient, window roller down things". (Technology has spoiled us!)

Paige's Baptism - November 1, 2008

Paige was so excited to finally be baptized. She was so excited that she was practically bouncing all the way to the church. We had a lot of family that came to support her, and she looked so beautiful.

Weston, was the one who baptized and confirmed her, but because he is a lefty, he was facing the wrong way, and couldn't read the cheat sheet that was posted on the wall, he said one wrong word, and so they had to dunk her under again (after Weston had changed the way he was facing). Paige didn't mind one little bit, she could have been dunked fifty times and still been as happy as a clam!

After the baptism, all of our family headed back to our house for lunch. It was a great day, and we are very grateful that Paige chose to become a member of the LDS Church.

I'm Such a Slacker!!

Ok, so I know that I am horrible!! I have so much that I should have posted already. I suppose that Late, is better than never (I hope). So, first things first, HALLOWEEN! (I'll post the rest in another post so it actually goes in order :) )

The girls looked Amazing! I don't think there was a cuter Hannah Montana, or Spiderman to be found. They both got all dressed up to go to school, and we, of course, had to take lots of Pictures!

Paige had a costume parade at her school, all of the kids, and even the teachers looked great. Some of them were so creative that I had a hard time recognizing them.

The girls played so hard at our wards trunk-or-treat that they both fell asleep on the way home!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Trip to Moab

We had so much fun on our trip to Moab a couple weeks ago. (I'm a little slow posting) We went down with Jarett & Shari and their kids. We only stayed a couple of days, but it was still fun.

The weather was wonderful! We went the first night, and watched the sunset through one of the arches at Arches National Park. The kids had a lot of fun climbing on all the rocks, and Weston & I had fun trying out my new Christmas present (new camera) I know, it's not Christmas, but I couldn't resist! The next day we went on a 4 mile hike with the kids. Picture this, if you will, 4 adults 7 kids, & 2 dogs, on a 5 HOUR HIKE!!! (It's a good thing I color my hair, my grey would have been shining through after that one!) We had to cross the little stream that ran down the center of the canyon at least a hundred and fifty thousand times! Ok, so maybe not quite that many, but it sure seemed like a lot. The kids had a lot of fun, even though every inch of them was wet, and covered in sand. I guess those kind of things don't bother kids, if they are having fun. But next time, I think that Shari & I should get to pick the hiking spot. All in all, it was a great weekend, too bad we couldn't stay for a bit longer. Maybe next year!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weston's New Obsession

Ok, so Weston now has a new obsessive hobby. Kiting! Year round abandonment! If there is ever any wind around we can count on Weston to be calling up Kyrk and heading off to chase the wind. He has so much fun doing it I can't really complain about him leaving, too much. I don't have any pics of him with his new kite (It's purple ;) ) But I do have some of him during the winter up on the skyline. He found out about this "amazingly fun sport" while we were on vacation to the Dominican Republic a few years ago. He took a couple lessons while we were there, and had a lot of fun. But, he didn't really think too much about it until Kyrk got into it about a year ago, and needed someone to go with him. Weston was more than willing to oblige! So now he spends any of his free time that he possibly can down at the lake. I was hoping that the weather would stay warm a little longer so that I could get a few pics during the summer (I usually don't get to go watch, I'm usually home with the kids), but I don't think it's going to happen. There's always next year :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paige's 8th Birthday

For Paige's birthday party with her friends she wanted to go to Build-A-Bear, with her friends. So we borrowed Grandma's van, and off we went! The girls each got to pick a "friend" to build. Zoie of course has to be the odd man out and picked a puppy, while everyone else chose a bear. They played games and got to pick out clothes for their bears. Afterwords they went to the park, and had pizza and opened presents. Paige said that it was her "Best birthday Ever!".

Here We Go....

Ok, so Heidi has informed me that we need to "Jump onto the Blogging Bandwagon", so to speak. I'm not sure how exciting we are, but we'll give it a go.